Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Only Imagination Saves (click the image to watch it)

It is online now!

Using the same puppetry style I created back in 2008 for my thesis project "Puppet Cycling" I'm continuing to use my good old blue sock puppet for new short films.

This time everything was in a D.I.Y. kind of work, from filming, animation, compositing to sound. All done with negative budget, natural sunlight and a very cheap laptop. The camera is good, though!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Animation Reel (click the images to watch them)

Animation Exercises I did at the Academy of Art University (2008-2011) and some TV Commercials I animated before my graduation. I have never taken animation classes before 2008 so I was a self taught animator at that period, that's why I decided to take serious animation classes. Breakdowns at the bottom of the video. I used Maya.

and some old works as 3D Generalist. Not as an animator, though...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Animation Thesis (click the image to watch it)

Ok, PUPPET CYCLING was officially released on the 2011 Spring Show, the Academy of Art University festival.

I'm pretty fascinated with all new ideas I applied and developed during three tough years. Thanks for the support of all directors and instructors who were excited about the project! Special thanks to Tom Bertino!

My thesis idea was not to make one more CG short film just like many others, changing the story but keeping the same 3D process. I wanted to create something new, mixing a real sock puppet with CG arms and legs, so I would have a completely free sock puppet, able to do whatever he wants! All this experimental process started back in 2008.

After many plannings, animations and compositing I got the result just like I wanted!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Random Artwork (2020 update) (click image to maximize)

Drawings are pretty good even if you are a 3D Animator. Not just because it helps a lot to plan your shot, understand shapes, poses, but also to prove that you have all these little crazy characters in your blood... and you want to see them alive! This section is actually a miscellaneous of drawings and random personal projects.

Click over the image for a bigger view.